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  1. Where can I report players?

    His profile shows 2 wins and 4 losses and his rating is low, 1042. Banning this kind of player is not of much use because he can create a new account and repeat behavior indefinitely. I haven't review replays yet. Maybe user1 can think of anything.
  2. I can't open A.D. 0

    I see him in lobby now so I guess it fixed itself
  3. Where do I report rule-breakers?

    Not there is a subforum for that. Many people just write a new topic in https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/forum/17-general-discussion/ It used to say report to @Hannibal_Baraq not long ago
  4. I can't open A.D. 0

    Can you upload crashlog.dmp and .txt here? https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths#Vistaornewer C:\Users\JohnDoe\AppData\Local\0ad\
  5. the game is over :)

  6. Rush and very difficult AI

    I don't think you need to worry about (de)serialization at all. I think that is used to save deltas to replay. Have a look inside "gamestate" in CustomInit = function(gameState) from simulation/ai/petra/_petrabot.js. That's scary to me.
  7. Rush and very difficult AI

    I think other AIs can be added to simulation/ai without touching Petra, like when Aegis coexisted with petra. Then a battle of the AIs could decide the winner. The thing is: who would do such hard work? Just getting to know the game state, which is huge, is very hard.
  8. Rush and very difficult AI

    @ljf: Congratulations!, you broke the AI I tried your strategy vs 2 very hard AIs in a team. You can even do extra hunting. First you neutralize 1 AI with the cav rush. Then either harrass a bit 2nd AI or better heal and get more cav because it has many men already. Then keep rushing 2nd AI and healing. It takes some time but it's easy. @SirPope: in svn already you can choose AIs behavior. If somehow AI could choose all those magic numbers dynamically depending of the circumstances I guess it would be op.
  9. Help! multiplayer UDP 20595

    Host with STUN option (default), no need to open that port. Try to join different hosts since some routers have problems with STUN
  10. Rush and very difficult AI

    AI in alpha 22 improved with respect to a21. In a21 you could run with 1 horse around AI's perimeter and all soldiers would follow horse so you could kill women and capture buildings easily. At some point AI always gives up growing even if it has resources. AI can't play with very high res either, it's like it always follows a build order. That problem persists. Try doing the same vs 2 very hard AIs in same team. Its hard but cav spam still wins.
  11. Unintended tribute

    Is that an entity or a swear word? I was hoping you did all the work. Well, that was hard, first time. (D1191) I guess one should follow https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/SubmittingPatches Since the code already mixes two styles and https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Coding_Conventions#Misc also (the for_each), i figured I choose the one I like best. No thanks, I'm good.
  12. Fancy Lobby Chat in Match Setup.

    Both are pretty sweet. Maybe you can toggle the view lobby chat with a hotkey or like a sidetab that expands and collapses
  13. Eliasmolins quit rated Game at the very end

    Right now we can only talk to the guy and ask him to insta resign a game to give points to the offended that presented the proof. He can refuse and its hard to get all parties at the same time. We could ban but he'll just create a new account and repeat. If we could ask the ratings bot to register a result on demand, we could implement a system like ouGaming suggests. Wishful thinking.
  14. Unintended tribute

    The previous hack breaks sending more than 500. This is the only way I could solve "the bug". Move declaration of multiplier and amounts outside onPress callback, before for (let resCode of resCodes) and make multiplier an array and initialize, like this let multiplier = {}; let amounts = {}; for (let res of resCodes) { multiplier[res] = 1; amounts[res] = 0; } change updates of multiplier to multiplier[resCode] but inside g_FlushTributing reset arrays like this for (let res of resCodes) { multiplier[res] = 1; amounts[res] = 0; } Now it works as I expected
  15. Unintended tribute

    I found a way to reset previous clicks when masstributing and not releasing shift. Add multiplier = 1; before closing onPress, say in line 522. You still can't give several tributes with 1 shift because g_FlushTributing is only called on shift release. case INPUT_MASSTRIBUTING: if (ev.type == "hotkeyup" && ev.hotkey == "session.masstribute") Maybe with an event != "hotkeyup" ?