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  1. looks awsome, next need animation for it, then the xml file for it
  2. Thank you very much, i am glad you like what is there
  3. havent started yet, i will be making it here in min, i have one program ahead of it
  4. Well i am currently looking to created the mod file creator. this should be finished by the end of the night. Will upload and then finish
  5. Realms of Magic and Council of modders is proud to present Enhanced Blood Reward Enhanced blood combat features the following features Bugs Todo github checkou Zip Package Credits
  6. Hmm then maybe barracks yes
  7. I would say farmstead yes but barracks no. Mack tech for longhouse to unlock training new soldiers
  8. Making a tech that is on units(champions/heros/seige) that uses blood to give unit Xp and already got loot done
  9. I was hoping that whoever decides to make it would suppose me
  10. Hello. I would like someone to come up with a model for my sandpit within my resource mod
  11. Yea. Done with it. Just have to upgrade my svn and fix to alpha16. Also made new mod enhanced blood reward. A full combat themed mod. Have like 4 things to add. Btw want to make tech for unit that will allow him to gain exp but idk how to add exp via tech or if possible without pyro edit
  12. Yea well sandpit was a test needs new model for it but I fixed all errors as of 9 today Only thing left is to package and upload but still few days left till can do that
  13. Well I worked out blood reward. Just have one problem to fix. But i can't explain it till I get net on PC
  14. The version that is up of water has few bugs. But when PC gets net back I fixed them "mostly" have one thing to fix that don't wanna work
  15. Monuments where the main sects way of gaining favor oh and sacrificing prisoners was up there to this usely done at monuments
  16. Yea well I would do research having many ways would be to clustered. From what I remember there where close to 2000 different ways to gain "the favor of gods" in Egypt different sects thought different things did and followed same gods
  17. Anything you need me to make?
  18. I'll work on adding the resource you wanted. Btw you can ignore the error in water. Would have to edit pyro. To fix that I'll see if I can fix it. I'll let ya know.
  19. If you could hepha, check my spelling with my toolkit would be great help in your spare time
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