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  1. hey hepha, would you mind if i work on Construction of eye-candy objects (e.g. fences, trees, ..),if you dont mind give me about till end of tomorrow to have it started
  2. i could, but atm it would be slightly hard, to much other things planned, but i will get to it i promise
  3. yea well mine is base colors not image overlays, so im kinda restricted as to colors
  4. MuteLovestone's focus & additional ideas: (added in last edit) Resource conversion - like an alchemy type thing (Tech + Alchemist?) <-- not to confuse with unit conversion which should be called entity ownership change. (Alchemist) Reworked schemas - Rework schemas to allow for better modifications <-- as late as possible as it will break compatibility with 0AD (Makeing it to be flexable with 0ad) Element Attacks - (Fantasy/map dependent) <-- temperature attack should be one of those (sure will add it to this) Fire/Cold Attack - (non Fantasy) <-- should be temperature attack. needs entity's living temperature range being defined in XML schema. (will get this started soon) Unit Abilities + Talents (Talent is nearly fixed per unit-birth, Skill can be improved) <-- could/should be done via tech + experience => skills increase Tech Units can learn (applied only to that unit) <-- why tech? (Knoledge? basicly something that unit learns, nonrepeateable) Rework units <-- in what way? Philip already reworked entities recently. A unit is a special type of entity. Just like building. (This more of personal mod) Weak spots <-- addition to armour? by making it more locally defined? or general weakness, should go with ability + skill + talents system (perhaps like NeverWinterNights). (addition to armor) Extra Phases mods, (best as dynamic as possible) (Will do) New things to add Mod toolkit (self explanitory) (C#) Mod info tool produces files to be used with modmanager (currently open ETA 3 days) (c#) Trainable Animals (early version available) (Break Animals into sections) (complete, 1/2) Extra Resources (available for requests)
  5. Need Mod toolkit and a mod info tool as well as c# ===========this color please(dark green or emerald color please) and wake up on the irc please hepha
  6. You should make a list of finished mods?
  7. Thanks Hepha, btw did you get my message i sent you hepha?
  8. i do not mean for this to sound rude, but it is not my duty to keep changing the program for everyones choices, with time the toolkit will allow for customizing of colors
  9. if you wish to adjust the color, you may modify it with the github, but i hold right to revert changes
  10. excuse me but when it comes to color do not ask for more changes, my eyes require colors that hurt others
  11. if i remember quickly the oseburg was just used as a burial ship(pretty much carnation)
  12. Give about 30 mins then try it and tell me what you think
  13. hmmm sure, give me few and ill have that changed
  14. Welcome, This is a simple program that allows user to make a Update Log with a few clicks and few types this allows users to simply hurry with what they can do also allows saving as txt(to be kept with mod) and a .Upd which allows saving and loading so you can keep it upto date Background Color Changed to more apealing look Only known errors is that if you do try to add another version that is same as one already there it will error 2) a more complete screenshot 3) And finally the final Project ToDo How To Use Download=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/0ADMods/ModdingToolkit/master/0AD%20Mod%20Update%20Info%20Generator.exe">Download Requires= windows=.Net 4.0 linux/mac=Mono? (Untested)
  15. probably should do that for my new program i just made, it make creating a update log alot easier
  16. I will start workin on the program to make the mod info files (give me about 4-5 hours, (if that))
  17. why do i need dev help, i can simply make a mod of
  18. if you would like i will work on seeing if i can make abilities
  19. no i dont want it to move, just the unit
  20. yea just need animation for units gathering the resource
  21. thats fine, it was more of general infomation, not directed for anyone
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