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  1. Awsome thank you but i think i will be staying here
  2. First I'm Going to update Resoruces mod then ill probably start back onto animal traning well that is after i figure out how to build source for linux
  3. Not yet i havent, i switched to linux so i have to download alot of the svns, Just because ive been away for so long which svn are you meaning?
  4. and I'm Proud to announce...................................... I'm Back and ready for business
  5. still working on the vikings?
  6. i would like to have the eagle faceing me if that is posible
  7. thanks hepha, looks great thanks very much
  8. so AceWild please get off my topic. no i do not mean to be rude. i just dont take crap from anyone, and i do not like your disrespect
  9. hey rada, could you get the hawk to face you, it would look better IMO
  10. lol, im open for thoughs, i could release each civ as a myth mod
  11. I would like to request, that as you make new civs for this pack, i am asking that if i could make a copy of this and add some mythology. Niebtk if you wish to ask some questions feel free to pm me or hit me up on the irc chat
  12. What is so funny about realms of magic? and can you please get off this topic, this topic is for the resources not people opinion of the game. Thank you. and have a lovely day.
  13. do you mind, this post is for me, if you dont like that i add resources, dont download my mod, i dont care now stop trying to tell people what to do, excuse me if i can manage more resources then you, i am proud to do so. now please leave your criticism to yourself, if you dont like what people do, tough keep it to yourself
  14. i only need the objects that pertain only to vikings ie like a viking Civ Mod
  15. On a side note, i was wondering if one of you could sepperate the vikings out from the rest of the mod, i would like to build a mythology mod starting with the vikings. i know i am no longer CoM but i would like to still work with you guys
  16. @Hepha 1) your welcome 2) sounds ok wasnt really planning on obstructions @Neiktb i hadnt thought of how do do it yet, have alot of things im planning, atm roads are not to high of a worry
  17. I need a model for each of the roads that you can see in atlas Please if i do not have model i can not set up the eyecandy builders to make a road buildable
  18. Hey hepha, can you update the eyecandy build with the github for it, and add me to construction of roads
  19. hope you enjoy the addition i made, i have to add some more, last to upload is a few roads, need to modify icons, have to also do a few other things
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