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    The problem is Malus simply isn't a commonly used term in English at all.
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    Dude...... 0AD is waaaaaay over those games. You an idiot! The art work in this game is REALISTIC way and beyond any other useless commercialized game I've seen to date. And one thing you fail to understand is... The devs put their heart into this game, and pay attention TO DETAIL. And that's what I like and appreciate. Nothing to see here people and to listen to. This guy is a troll.
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    Here's just another approach to generate terrain in Random Map Scripts. Aim - Realistic Terrain - Great Variety (see screenshots or better try it yourself) - Fast Generation (about 10 sec for a Giant Map) - Parameters to tweak (For a more general purpose of this approach) Parameters easy to tweak and fast to implement with this method: - General Terrain Shape (Island, Islands, Highland, Continent, Lake, ...) - Terrain Smoothness (Already implemented) - Water Coverage - Max. Water Depth - Amount of Plains/Mountains - Amount of Resources close to the start positions - Amount of Resources in total - Wind Speed/Direction (Changes Erosion, could also change cloud speed, water (e.g.) waviness and (if implemented) how far/fast trees swing) Other things that could be tweaked but are to slow yet (or not implemented at all): - Water Erosion forming riverbeds (implemented for RMS but to slow, see here, No ingame implementation). - Water actually flowing ingame or at least forming lakes at different hight (No ingame implementation). With an interface implemented to choose (some of) those parameters before game creation (then given to RMGEN) this could also be used to generate more "random" random maps. Task of this topic and the actual RMS Since there is some (reasonable) doubt that this can lead to playable maps at all the task of this topic and the map (hopefully) evolving here is to demonstrate that a well playable realistic random map can be generated this way (and even faster than the average random map as is now). So it's only meant as a proof of concept to later (hopefully) add support to choose parameters from the GUI and then generate the map according to those parameters. First fast actualization The first implementation mainly generates a realistic hightmap (well, more realistic than the average random map or scenario). Then some simple and fast global erosion functions smoothen the hightmap (decay (gravity, sun, low seismic activity) and wind). I just added some terrain textures from the random biome system and some actors (this is far from final - I just threw them in). So the focus is ATM the realistic hightmap which can be later improved for playability. Screenshots Some random screenshots to show the vast variety (already - without any parameter changed): The map: RealisticTerrainDemo2013-9-22.zip NOTE: This is an old version of the map! Later ones are added to later posts.
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    Well, I don't know many games where you can play with mauryans (actually I don't know any except this one) with these awesome building elephants! I don't know many games with that sense of detail, and respect for History. Not to mention, that the game is still in alpha phase, is free, already has several mods at disposal, is available on three OS, and can even be played in SVN version with regular updates! Is there any other game around like that? Seriously..."Pearl before swines" I should say...
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    We've moved to SDL2 by default, so it should be fine to remove the sdl2 argument from the slackbuild (and report it to the slack guys).
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    Something like Grass waving requires many many more grass actors than the rendering engine can currently support (test it yourself in Atlas), but the waving isn't a problem: trees already do it. To support that many actors we'll need to have some real instancing which is still a bit out of reach.
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    The mod folder is a mod itself named "mod", it's the minimal mod that's always enabled, and allows you to select other mods. So yes, putting a zip there will load it, but it will load in the wrong order. Mods can overwrite files in mods that are loaded earlier. So by putting the zip there, the public mod (which is the main game), well overwrite changes from the Han mod, instead of how it was designed the other way around.
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    @niektb112212 with the last ones sandwiched. I just realized that I made one of the banks too narrow. I've attached a modified version of the banks with your changes. If you've already started working on further changes, I'd be happy to reapply it after you finish them. (Nice snow effect, btw :D) DuelingCliffsv3.zip
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    The AI is dumb as a rock, garrisoned fortresses do wonders against them.
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    I think I'm finished map_Dueling_Cliffs.zip
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    @Teiresias Well I didn't run into much trouble, put aside the lack of JSDOC comments. As I stated above adding those in the right places fixed the classes not appearing, though as @historic_bruno stated the design is not really optimal. I shall look for a good way to split the code like in namespaces. I know the new ES6 support classes(class(}), this might be something worth looking into. I don't know If one component could be translated from prototype to classe to see. I'll add that on my todo list. Don't know if I answered your question. =) @sanderd17 AFAIK it works with ES6
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    There's also the fact that we are not finished yet.
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    you sound angry, too much loses?
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