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Crash: Could not create GL context


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"zeezee" was in IRC today asking for help with 0ad alpha 26 crashing every time he starts it. I'm posting this request for technical assistance, or else bug report, on behalf of IRC user zeezee, who is using Windows 7.

He said that alpha 25 was working fine. He recently installed alpha 26, and it has crashed every time he has tried to start it.

  • I asked him to configure the default graphics device. He said that he only has one graphics device entry in Device Manager.
  • He said that uses a television as a monitor, connected via VGA cable. The desktop resolution is "1360 x z68".
  • I asked him to modify user.cfg. He said that he thought that windowed mode was already enabled, and he did see "windowed = "true"" in user.cfg. I asked him to adjust xres and yres to his desktop resolution of 1360x768. The crashing still persisted.
  • I asked him to backup and erase user.cfg, since the configuration was carried over from alpha 25, and it might have incompatible mods and/or configuration directives. He did this, but the crashing persisted.

I have attached plaintext versions of the logs, which he sent via pastebin. Here is an excerpt. Interesting that there is seemingly uninitialized memory in two log lines.

ERROR: SDL_GL_CreateContext failed: 'Could not create GL context: Ï�/æ¶ç®æµç®á¯ì©'

ERROR: Unable to create device for GL backend, switching to ARB.

ERROR: SDL_GL_CreateContext failed: 'Could not create GL context: ã½æ¬¹ì¨æ­â¦ç¾æ­'

ERROR: SetVideoMode failed in backend device creation: 1360x768:24 1

Then a Windows error message appears stating the following.

pyrogenesis.exe has stopped working

Details: unhandled exception (Access violation reading 0x00000000) Location: unknown:0 (?)  Call stack:  (error while dumping stack: No stack frames found) errno = 0 (No error reported here) OS error = 0 (no error code was set


Ideas for resolving this? Does borderless.fullscreen = "true" take precedence over windowed = "true" ?

I think that it's significant that alpha 25 was working fine. What changed in alpha 26 that could explain these symptoms? Is 0ad alpha 26 even expected to work on Windows 7?

crashlog.txt interestinglog.txt mainlog.txt

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Do the user has system_info/userreport from A25? The user could add the following lines to the user.cfg:

forceglversion = "true"
forceglprofile = "compatibility"
forceglmajorversion = "2"
forceglminorversion = "1"

If it doesn't work might try lower versions:

forceglversion = "true"
forceglprofile = "compatibility"
forceglmajorversion = "2"
forceglminorversion = "0"


forceglversion = "true"
forceglprofile = "compatibility"
forceglmajorversion = "1"
forceglminorversion = "5"


2 hours ago, hyperion said:

Not sure but I think opengl 2.1 is now a requirement, so hardware older than ~2005 won't do anymore but maybe it's just the drivers which are to old or incomplete.

We're still able to run OpenGL before 2.1 by using ARB shaders (if it has appropriate extensions), but it's deprecated in A26.

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