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forget AOM - take AOK-AI as standrad -

there the AI know nothing, unless scouted

Ideas ?

Plenty. I could go evenin detail about some things

But no hope that they will be implemented, or somebody listen to me :)

most imortant is that we (we= interested scripters) get a raw frame how the AI-language looks like, first basic commands, some simple example scripts, etc.

show us what you have so far.

then we can add more and more commands and details how things should/could work -

i could start right now working/developing CONCRETE Ideas

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Look this:


(#define-learning-object MYOBJECT

(activate-for same-map-size)

(activate-for same-player-number)

(activate-for same-map-type)

(define-number-options 3)


; then after in the AI script

#load-by-learning-object MYOBJECT option 1

(your code here)

#load-by-learning-object MYOBJECT option 2

(your code here)

#load-by-learning-object MYOBJECT option 3

(your code here)


So this would work in this mode:

when your AI plays a game with certain settings, the result of the game would be saved in a log file. So if your AI has played 10 games with map-size=tiny, player-number=2, map-type=coastal, the result of that 10 games would be remembered with something like:

option 1 => 3 played 2 won 1 lost

option 2 => 3 played 1 won 2 lost

option 3 => 4 played 3 won 1 lost

So the preprocessor command "#load-by-learning-object MYOBJECT" would load something like ( for example):

30% chanches option 1

20% option 2

50% option 3.

We now suppose that the AI will load option 1 and win the game. So next time, option 1 will have 45% chanches to be loaded and other option less than their actual 20% and 50%

And this is the only way i see to have something similar to a "learning AI". For example if in the first option AI plans a knight rush, in the second an archer+phanalx mass attack and in the third to build defenses and a big economic boom, the learning objetc before or after will be able to choose more likely the strategy that you human player aren't able to counter.

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