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...Of course not!

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Some got it right away, some didn't - but just to be on the safe side: Yes, 1st of April is over, and no, we WON'T be merging the two projects to create a hybrid.

To prove it, let me just emphasize that a new REAL screenshot was posted just before the 1st of April, but it probably got lost a bit during the whole April 1st thing. The screenshot features the Iberian civ. Make sure to go and see it here.

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1024x768 is a standard resolution for most peeps.

Yes - right now. I personally believe it's shifting to 1280x1024, though - at least for modern monitors and TFTs. My family started off with 800x600 on our first Win95 PC (before, on the DOS/Win 3.x PCs everything was text mode or 640x480x16, anyway), then got to 1024x768 as default resolution and then with the first TFTs, me and my mother switched to 1280x1024 (my little brother and sister keep 1024x768 for now, because they are using the old monitors ;)). The most recent development was switching over to 1400x1050 for me, though. Interestingly, I always came to dislike the smaller resolutions after a week on a higher one.

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