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Water weeding

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I'm translating 0 A.D to Indonesian and I found this Water Weeding technology. The description is "Grow water weeds to to supply rice plants with (sic.) nutricients."

Can I get a context on what species is this water weed? And if it is actually giving nutrients to rice plants?

I'm Indonesian where rice is our staple food. As far as I know there is no weed that supply rice plants with nutrients (weeds are robbing rice's nutrients, if any). There are some that could be planted side by side with rice, but it's for land optimization, not to improve the rice's nutrients.

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The name and the description doesn't match which leads me to believe the original commit misunderstood what weeding was. Weeding doesn't mean growing weeds, it means removing weeds.

Water Weeding -> Removing aquatic plants that pose a significant problem in paddies because

On 22/04/2022 at 1:30 PM, azayrahmad said:

(weeds are robbing rice's nutrients, if any)

If you s/growing/removing the description, it actually makes sense in all ways, scientifically, and linguistically.


Remove water weeds to preserve nutrients for the rice plants.

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