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hey everyone

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hello WFG forumers:)

i'm sorry i havent been active during these past months. after reinstalling my computer + moving to a new house + job + other things, i totally lost contact with you guys and the site. what happened with those points things? i used to have about 400 ;) where are a;; tje cool smilies? ;)



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lol... I think you've lost the highest percentage of posts. ;)

Black Op lost over 6,000, though.

Anyway, you were last here, in November.

Okay.... what happened...

we reached 500 600 members before 2005.

Timbo did a forum recount so that posts in Fun and Games before it was made un-post-count-increasable didn't count toward you post count

Centurion and I were accepted as texture artists in 0AD.

2 historians were recruited.

My brother registered here.

The new 0AD website got up.

0AD and TLA skins were completed

TLA started doing staff interviews

They also released a Tolkien Wiki (like Wikipedia)

And hired a new concept artist

Curufinwe was hired to work on TLA

We still haven't gotten a community crier (for something like 3 months)

In, 0AD, the sky was made blue. ;)

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