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i recently bought a liveSTRONG wristand with some of my friends becuase we are cross country runners, support cancer research, think lance armstrong is great, and i personally know about 5 people who have had to suffer with cancer.

but what about the rest of the people wearing them? it's starting to become "popular" in my school and i dont think this is right. someone asked a girl why she had one and she said "idk, everyone else has one so why not me?"

what do you guys think? :D

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Hmm, the world's population revolves around trends and fads. What makes it worse is that, when a new trend comes out (especially in clothing), all the stores stock only that kind of clothing and nothing else! Like short skirts for girls - my little sister doesn't like them, but my mom can't find anything else at Wal*Mart.

Unfortunately, c'est la vie...

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I have to say that I strongly disagree with this particular cause ... It is fine to support cancer research, but Armstrong's wristband is disgraceful.

He had testicle cancer when he was in his 20s ... How can you have testicle cancer being so young ...? Well, research in the 1970s showed that a particular drug could cause such cancer if taken regularly and in great proportions. Armstrong's case has raised great doubts among people in France (and in Europe I assume). However, every time something needs to be done, he invokes his cancer ...

I can tell you I have seen a lot of people dying of cancer or still alive, but it is impossible to have such an activity after cancer. I think Armstrong is betraying the people who are supporting him nad who are buying that wristband ... I really find it appalling.

The Tour de France passed by in a city by my hometown and I went to see it. The guy who was trying to sell the wristband didn't sell any amongst 20,000 people ... not one ...

So, instead of buying such a toy, give donations to serious cancer research charities. What people are after with the wristband is not a good action, it is to show that they support a good cause. I think it is better to keep this kind of thing for oneself and not show it everywhere in the streets.

After all, it is a personal matter.

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You understood right ... you have to know that during the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong was one of the only cyclists not to have a drug test ... why is that? I do not know ... maybe he is too popular to be disqualified, maybe the sponsors are too powerful ... no idea, but I find it shocking.

Moreover, when you see his former team mates who, last year, were among the best in the Tour, are this year among the last (for those who changed team) or even abandoned ...

I just find all this kind of weird ...

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@ curufinwe

i have looked on many different websites about this topic and all of them seem to say the same thing, people between the ages of 15 and 40 are the most common ones to get testicular cancer. none of these websites has shown anything to do with performance enhancing drugs increasing the risks of this cancer. if you could find me a valid site showing the research you brought up about drugs i would really appreciate it.

lance armstrong has been tested thousands of times by many different organizations in the past and has never tested positive for a performance enhancing drug other than right after chemotherapy when he still had some of the drugs they used to save him in his body.

i think the reason no one bought the livestrong wristband at the tour in your neighborhood is becuase the french (sorry for the generalization) don't like lance armstrong.

the lance armstrong foundation is a very serious organization that is dedicated to fighting cancer. i think they do the best job of any organization of raising awareness for their cause.

i may not agree with what he has done in his personal life and i dont really know how good of a person he is but lance armstrong, in my opinion, is the greatest cyclist to ever live and fully deserved to win the tour de france six times in a row.

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