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Freewebs is nice - www.freewebs.com . They give you 100 MB of web space, and some other nice features, but you can't use images hosted on Freewebs servers in HTML tags. However, I think you can directly link to images, but I'm not sure (never tried :indifferent: ).

Oh: 0 A. D. : 0 Annihilation + Destruction!

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Nice site, no doubt :) You maybe get a good enough clan to challenge (WarLord), maybe :P

But nice site, and about the name, i would try to find something myself, you know, the clanname is important. If the clan was named "I HATE 0ad", you would probably not be very respected :)

Just remember everyone, (WarLord) is taken and has been for a looong time :P

But one thing that crossed my mind, a 0ad clan ALLREADY? I know my clan will have a 0ad team, but i havent started thinking about that yet :P How can you get players to a game that there is 2 screens released for? :P

Well, good luck finding members, i have a hard time telling people which game im modding, i think you got a harder job getting member ;)

Great site, you said you werent good? Man ... what am i then ? ....

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