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Anyone know Maple ?

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Well, it's worth 10% of my year in Maths...

So here's the things...

The surface of a hill is given with the following equation f(x,y)= exp(-3*x^2-y^2); . A "THING" is located at the initial point P(1, 3/2) and wants to make the ascension while maintaining at each point of its trajectory, the direction of the maximum variation rate.

The thing is I have to find and represent it on the same figure :

a ) the surface;

b ) the ascension trajectory (gradients, differential equation of the trajectory and the particular solution, parametric equations)

c ) the projection of the traject on the domain (parametric equations)

d ) the trajectory at the same altitude h = 0,4 (parametric equations),


The window in which it is displayed must be -2 <= x <= 2 ; -2 <= y <= 2 et 0 <= z <= 1, axes are of the type framed and the style of the surface, wireframe

The curves must be of different colors and large=3.

Can anyone help me ?

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no online info unfortunatly...and the labs I do in class are in french... care to try ?

A friend gave me clues and I was finally able to do the problem...want to know how ?

>restart: with(plots): with(linalg):

I you need any explanations, tell me :P

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Sorry akya, if you were using mathmatica I could help, but I don't have maple.

I told you :P I posted the solution ;)

Found it finally :P

Maple is a program used to simplify the calculations and display 3d graphs...it can serve for all sorts of mathematical problems..

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