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What are your top 3 things in life ?

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I'll jump in and fix this misunderstanding up. :muaha:

Both of you are sort of correct... Catholics do worship other people besides Jesus (i.e. praying to Mary, praying to various Saints).

They don't have a different Bible than Christians, but they do have different rules and regulations. For example, in most Catholic churches, only the priest can read the Bible, the "commoners" cannot.

Christians and Catholics are similar, but not the same - Catholics are much more ritual-based for one thing. They also usually think that the Church is higher than the Bible, which Christians disagree on.

I can provide further info if nessicary. :P

*back on topic!*

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Hmm, even though CodeOptimist said this, i think i need to repeat it, well, at least it looks like it considering Cobras last post.

This topic is all about what your top three things in life is, since CO allready said Baco to Topic, i thought you might.. :muaha:

Anyway, please STOP discussing the issue, Catholic and Christians, and start posting ON topic!!

I really think you should start a new thread, but please, dont post about it here. Should be taken as SPAM, since it is REALLY off topic !!

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