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Balancing Citizen Soldiers (CS) (long shot)


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17 hours ago, Dizaka said:

I think nerfing archers should be cautionary.  I really don't want them to end up like in a23.  I think, at present, it may be best to use archers as a baseline and bring other units in line with them.

I think this is a good way to go about balancing the ranged units. Perhaps an exception being at least some reduction in archer speed, and an increase in javelineer speed. I don't know if the damage values for those ranged units should be the same too, since I have almost never seen battles between slingers and javelins in 4v4s. I think it is right not to bring all the ranged units down by getting into a tit for tat nerf race between ranged units. I am usually seeing give or take half ranged/half melee which I think is a pretty good ranged/melee balance, which is certainly one bonus of a24. I think if we get ranged infantry right on a25, rotation adjusted, and the turtling problem is solved, then a25 will be a vast improvement over a24 and a23.

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On 15/05/2021 at 1:36 AM, Yekaterina said:

Another solution: citizen soldiers offer very weak attack, champions offer huge attack. Meanwhile make champions cheaper, so the army would be half champions and half citizen soldiers.

This would be nice, so a greater proportion of champion cost comes in the form of opportunity cost in exchange for better army composition. Problems: low champion diversity.

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