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Are there bugs in A24 Atlas? I can't get previews or allowing civs to be selected to work!

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Hi everyone.

I'm new to map building and followed all the guides I can find on trac and the wiki and on here, and *still* can't get previews to work. Is this because of a bug in Atlas for A24? Or am I just dumb?!?

Also, I can't get Atlas to allow selecting civs in game on scenario or skirmish maps. If I leave it unchecked it defaults to eight player and assigns them civs, which means I have to check to allocate factions. Again, is this an A24 Atlas bug that previously worked? I'd be happy to edit the XML myself if I knew the syntax but can't find any examples to show me how to do this.

Can anyone help?!

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The preview must be an image crafted by yourself, it is also very buggy if you don't provide an exact format that the game expects (otherwise might crash the browser or bug the preview itself).

On the map json you need to include:

` "Preview" : "<yourmapname>.png", `

and then provide the png on ├── art │   └── textures │   └── ui │   └── session │   └── icons │   └── mappreview -> <yourmapname>.png

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