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  1. "Rock" for stone, "ore" for metal, "Civil Centre" for Civic/Town Centre. Loads of things named counterintuitively. But they *are* there!
  2. Hi everyone. I'm new to map building and followed all the guides I can find on trac and the wiki and on here, and *still* can't get previews to work. Is this because of a bug in Atlas for A24? Or am I just dumb?!? Also, I can't get Atlas to allow selecting civs in game on scenario or skirmish maps. If I leave it unchecked it defaults to eight player and assigns them civs, which means I have to check to allocate factions. Again, is this an A24 Atlas bug that previously worked? I'd be happy to edit the XML myself if I knew the syntax but can't find any examples to show me how to do this. Can anyone help?!
  3. Hey all, Since taking a break from making videos during lockdown my views are way down, so I guess I'd better let people know that my videos are back at once a week on Sunday mornings (UK time)! So, just letting forum-type people aware that my first video back was the final video in my now-completed faction overview series - that took just two years - the Britons. Enjoy!
  4. Wouldn't it be Poob Lnlysis if it was transliterated? Or do you only know one Greek letter? Witty guy
  5. my latest upload is a faction overview of the Mauryans. Have a look and let me know your thoughts!
  6. I was wondering if the Iberians thing was about stopping cav rushes, and it seems it was. Could be a useful tactic to use against better players. Thanks!
  7. Latest video - cheers, guys. Feedback appreciated...
  8. The first of my new quick tips videos. They'll all be about 5 mins long - let me know your thoughts and if there's anything that you'd like to see added. Thanks!
  9. New commentary analysis. Feedback welcome, cheers
  10. My latest video commentary analysis. Enjoy, all!
  11. Thanks for the shout out @psypherium! There will be a series of short tips videos coming shortly - I'm just preparing the examples and creating the graphics now. Thanks again, and thanks all for watching/subscribing - it makes it all worthwhile!
  12. https://youtu.be/jpN-w3qc-l4 Hi. This one is my video, but I'm interested on whether the picture in picture on the opening is worth continuing? Any feedback on the video comments, here or on Reddit gratefully received!
  13. Hi all, I know I'm probably being really dense, but how do I view the files of their games that people add to their posts in the forum? If they're not a zip file I can't work out what I need to do - specifically the command.txt files that lots of people add to their posts. Any help gratefully received!
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