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Hypothetical Question

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The A.D. B.C./C.E. B.C.E. system for chronology has been eliminated.  What system do you propose for a replacement and what does it mean for the title of the game?

Example: one option would be to use the system of AUC (Ab Urbe Condita), the date of the supposed founding of Rome.  Hence 0 A.D. would become either 753 AUC or 754 AUC.  It's hard to exactly say since the year 0 does not exist.  Probably the best compromise would be 753 AUC or 754 AUC.  That way nobody would be happy.

What are your completely serious answers to clearly controversial topic?

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5 hours ago, Thorfinn the Shallow Minded said:

The A.D. B.C./C.E. B.C.E. system for chronology has been eliminated.

I think there is no truly "neutral" and universal language for that... Even if you would go strictly scientific and define years by a universal constant as the speed of light c, that would confuse most people and would still presume our scientific view of the world as mandatory (when you look at all cultures in history and even present, many have different views and explanations of the world as a whole)...

So years are usually counted relative to an event important to a culture... which for the Western World for many centuries has been the roots of Christianity.

For 0 A.D.'s civs that is somewhat arbitrary since

1) our timeframe is before Christ

2) many civs probably had their independent naming scheme

As with Christianity, Roman and Greek culture has been important as well for the Western World, so I could follow your proposal. However, Rome was still small when Persians, Macedonians, Mauryans reached their peak so you could as well pick their system...

1 hour ago, hyperion said:

Miles, pounds, gallons have been eliminated, what does it mean for the US?

barrels, feet, inches, °F (not that °C is that much better), mmHg and whatever... Same reason as above, but at least make one system for the "Western" world (better for all the world)

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