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Feldfeld's replay dump


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Hello, I want to inaugurate this new A24 replay section by dumping a few of my multiplayer replays, showcasing the new unit balance and the increased diversity of units that can be reliably trained. I have a feeling sometimes players don't make use of all tools available to them.

Champions, trade and siege (3v3).zip
This teamgame showcases a lot of different unit types, but notably champions swordsmen, some champion archers, some trading, catapult+ballistas attack, and camel archer lategame composition on the other side.

Roman sword cavalry champions (3v3).zip
Features roman sword cavalry champions, quite a powerful unit.

Cavalry and champions (3v3).zip
Features sword infantry champions from Seleucids, cavalry compositions from mauryan and ibers (with a few firecav champions)

Archer cavalry and roman champion cav (3v3).zip
A teamgame that shows those 2 units in action.

Valihrant (Koushites) vs Feldfeld (Mauryas).zip
Small rush early game.
Features town phase CC expansion, archers and elephant archers from Maurya, against archers and nuba skirmisher cavalry from Koushites

Valihrant (Mauryas) vs Feldfeld (Macedonians).zip
Features town phase CC expansion from macedonians. Skirmishers and champion infantry spearmen from mace against chariot archer champions from maur.

Valihrant (Macedonians) vs Feldfeld (Athenians).zip
Features a moderate early game rush.
CC expansion from macedonians in the town to city phase transition. Gastraphetes from mace against slingers + ballistas from athenians.

Feldfeld (Ptolemies) vs cl2488 (Ptolemies).zip
Features mercenary swordsmen and mostly slingers against pikemen and slingers.

StarAtt (Iberians) vs Feldfeld (Carthaginans).zip
Features mercenary cavalry from Carthage.

ElDragon (Kushites) vs Feldfeld (Carthaginans).zip
Features village phase expansion from Carthage, with a composition of Sacred Band infantry supported by archers later. Archers and pikemen/spearmen from Kushites.

You can download all replays bundled here:
Feldfeld's replay dump.zip

Hopefully that can address a few of the complaints I have read about the new version. For example, the diversity between civilizations has been reduced, yes, however keep in mind to compensate that the new balance between units should make some civilization specific strategies (eg. a unique champion, mercenaries) viable whereas it was not the case in A23 (which was notably a lot of slinger spam). About archers being OP: yes it is true that they have a very good accuracy, possibly making them OP, but they are less efficient than other ranged units against melee units (which have been improved in this version). Remeber there are other options than making citizen soldiers ranged units.
Of course this doesn't mean we won't find OP units in the future. Champion melee cavalry look quite strong, champion archer cavalry maybe too.

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Hi everyone! I would like to share some of my replays! These are some rated 1v1 games that I played in the past few days, and I think some of them were really interesting and they taught me a few key lessons. Hopefully you will enjoy them as well! :))

Elena's 1v1s.zip

By the way, I would like to try my hands on a few 4v4 team games next. Looking forward to playing with more people! Also many thanks to the developers for creating such an excellent game for free!


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