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Hosting Game via Azure VM - need Help


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Hi there, 


due to the DOS problems getting more and more during online games, I am thinking of hosting a game (as spectator account) in my Azure VM.
And I am joining than via my real account from my normal PC as Player.
Is this even possible? (Hosting as spectator).


What I HOPE that will help, is that Azure recognizes the DOS Attack and tryes to block it.

So I tryed to create a VM and download/install the game and create an Account.

Everything worked fine, until Account creation:

I get the Message "incorrect User or PW", but this is the Account I created seconds ago from this client!

Is it some kind of connection Problem?
can you tell me, what kind of Ports/ Settings etc. must be ok to make it work?



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Thanks for the reminder, well this account should technicaly just be the host and spectator and not actively playing.
But I could also just use my normal (playing) account.
I will try this, thanks!


But I could still need help with the settings then :)

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9 hours ago, go2die said:

@Stan` time to be creative then restrictive? .... please


6 hours ago, badosu said:

I think this counts as a reasonable case for authorization, since he's not technically using it as a player account.

Sure and I would definitely vet him but I don't make the lobby rules and I don't want to bypass @user1

But yeah maybe the IP got banned I don't know. If it has I'm sorry
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