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Time-stopping Watch

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If you found a watch with the ability to stop time but not yourself, what would you do with it. Would you use it to embarress someone? To spy without discovery? Find Saddamm and kill him? Steal from a bank without ever being caught?

I would use it to get written assignments done in case I didn't finish them. ;) How about the rest of you.

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Write music!

Read tons and tons of books!

Spy on people! ;) <-BTW I love how that smiley is called "brow".

Maybe take some intersting photography.

Get homework done.

Archery. This is a skill that I'd like to get better at, even though I'm pretty good already.


Geez, it's either like your days are many more hours longer or you live forever. That would be cool... to a degree. I think the silence would eventually drive me insane though. It would make a good movie.

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I was thinking the same thing. One of Black Ops' suggestions is to capture Saddam. I live an ocean away, and even though my family does own a boat that could make a transatlantic journey, I would not feel comfortable single-handing for weeks on end by myself. Wait... that wouldn't even work because I'd need wind to go... phooey.

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If you only use it for a day, that'd mean you'd aged two days. Not too bad I'd say :P

I'd sleep so I could finish any assignments during the night when I'd be sleeping otherwise. Not the other way around, cause it'd be annoying if everything was all quiet and nothing (nothing!!!) was happening. When sleeping that doesn't matter ;)

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