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my commentary on valis new youtube video (0 A.D. 1v1 | How NOT to Play Late Game | Wendy vs DoctorOrgans)

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link to valis video:


Final version.

This was supposed to be a random rant turned too long by me but it changed into something different. I spent some time to clean it up well grammatically and in terms of coherence. This should very easy to understand i removed 99% of all of the grammatical errors and all the incoherent or hard to understand parts have been removed or fixed. I also separated the sentences or groups of sentences by either general theme or just for simply making the parts maybe difficult to some to grasp have separations per sentence so you can think about and see each sentence more easily.


DISCLAIMER!: I understand that just because you don’t follow these things doesn’t mean you don’t know them I know 0ad is mainly a sport about mental endurance ,multitasking, reflexes/micro and stability 0ad skill is very mildly related to the intellectual capabilities of a player.


mentions not scouting (mortal ,stupid easily game ending ,irresponsible)mistake <3


mentions wood food balance fix basic idea (send units to lacking res from floating res)


mentions too many units on wood line <3

don’t overload wood line to reduce units wasting time from bumping into each other and also the eventual walk/idle time caused by moving to the other woodline with so many units.


depending on woodline size start a new one based on woodline size/men on that line.

 I guess that needs intuition.

Here’s an easy to remember general rule of thumb:

small woodline :

get new storehouse placed on a different woodline for future woodcutters to walk to when spawned when unit count on that patch=20-25 med/large=25-30

and try to keep units on a single woodline for as long as possible.

Do that so they don’t waste eco while walking to new one.

Of course in extreme cases u might want to only keep 10-15 on woodline or even up to 45 but place 2 separate storehouses for the huge woodline u got 45 men on.

prevent issues by following the heuristic above.


mentions wood tech

for nubz try your best to get the wood tech when you have between 20-25 units on wood.

for experienced  players from what I recall do your best to time getting the tech so that when its ready around 23 units are on wood.

for food 6 farms for nubz and for experienced around when your going to have 6 farms or later.

later is fine just get before placing the 7th farm)



mentions "ego p2-ing" <3 which means p2-ing just to tell yourself that you p2-d at 100-120 pop and thinking like this is a very nub idea.

pretty much almost literally only reason you p2 in the first place is that at around 100-110 pop or something approximating that spending the insane cost of 1000 food/wood to unlock the costly but very important p2 15% eco techs for food and wood is necessary for optimal eco development.

you should be able to instantly get all techs you spent 1k for the simple privilege to unlock upon reaching p2.

 otherwise extremely wasteful to p2.

if you messed up and can’t afford to do what’s mentioned above: balance out food/wood as fast as possible to p2 while keeping some wood/food to keep barrack(s)/cc active.

Its wasteful to keep production buildings empty.

In a standard build you need to float 550 wood and 200 metal so that upon reaching p2 you can get the food/wood upgrades asap.

There are exceptions to this for example it’s often not worth getting food upgrade when pto because 25 food costing men so you need less farms.

 Less farms means less advantage gained from % increase of total unit productivity which makes it not worth it as since 200 wood 50 metal is worth it for 30 women on farms 300 wood 150 metal isn’t worth it for the same amount and you very likely won’t get more than 6 farms with your main solider unit costing half the food.

Logically you’ll probably use a bit more than half the farms you’d normally use with the bit more being used for women and more food costing units you train in minor numbers.

 this is a relevant general rule of thumb everything is situational and can change based on various unique factors that occur during every match.

Other important reasons to p2 exist, mainly if you are going to do a large rush it’s great to match phasing up to engaging the enemy as the 20%+ hp advantage added with unlocking the techs, more territory and more unlocked buildings can be a huge motivator which can easily allow you to p2 even at as insane pops as 60,70.


mentions barrack overload 

one of the ways to balance eco when you already nubbed overdoing wood/stone is by slightly overdoing barracks but of course not good to be in that spot but it’s a good improvisation option

(jc and wendy overdid too much though even with gauls needing to get more barracks for optimal eco because cheaper than normal barracks both build time and cost wise)


mentions rotating buildings for efficiency (important should be auto in your mind)


repeatedly cries about wood walk time reducing efficiency of like 20-30 units by 2x/3x XD


talks about mine storehouse count there’s a square collision point on metal and stone in relation to the animation orientation that you can memorize if you are insane.

Pay attention to that by looking at the shape of the collision line of your units mining and use that for placing the second and the third storehouse.

 if necessary I’d say eventual 2 per mineral is a must or 2-3 total if some storehouses are used by both metal and stone miners.do this for max efficiency especially if getting p3 techs for the minerals.

Potentially you could place up to even 4 storehouses per mineral maybe this is viable when you are p3 with all wood techs with wood being cheap and want to maximize mine efficiency with this insane fashion in this case each storehouse would accommodate 8 units with virtually no bumping into each other issue.

If you do the 4 storehouse strategy get 1 woman per 7 men so 1 woman in each of the 4 batches of 8 to perfect the mine rate.


mentions proper fort positioning

relevant AsF easy rule to follow is if your placing on risky spot get 1-3 towers like a defensive frame way ahead of fort placement spot first so you secure it.

If you get on medium risk spot you can get outpost with vision upfront or put few units way ahead to just patrol around where enemy might come from to deny your fort.

these units can be ranged infantry not necessarily cav.


Place outposts that have vision tech at the obvious potential enemy attack line spots.

Scouting literally all the time throughout the game so you can tell how many forts enemy has,

the weak spots the enemy has ect. so you can predict enemy actions like a siege attack you can counter with prepped anti ram.

This is extremely underrated.



underdoing late game barracks also exposes you to significant risks from small attacks.

You could’ve dealt with these attacks with extreme ease had you have had 7 or even more barracks at that time with 7 barracks you can make 14 cav in like 20 sec enough to counter several rams assuming they are alone or other siege guaranteed while with having 3 barracks you will never be in time.

That’s assuming you had outposts and saw them coming.


mentions wounded unit retreat to heal. Nice!

I have "O" set pretty low like below 40% like 33% so you can select really wounded units without overdoing it.


cata area dmg is insanely op.

Cata cost per dps vs mass of units if an infantryman rate is "x" cata rate could be 10x or even 15x especially vs ranged inf and you can target ranged inf behind mele because you have to micro each attack with shift click anyway with cat as cat target buildings automatically.

Catapults are far more op than bolts which would probably be 5x-8x or something but bolts are faster in movement and unload of course.

You can also snipe ele/heroes to neutralize heroes early on during a fight or take out enemy crush dmg unit significantly crippling enemy capacity and removal of elephants allows for easier use of units weak to crush damage which deal crush damage as elephants are extremely resilient vs crush damage and deal a lot of crush damage.


Anyone who thinks when seeing obvious stupid mistakes from someone that the player wasn’t intelligent enough to have thought of the issue should know that  99.9% of the time its just confusion from brain overload that causes the mistake.

 0ad is a very intense game so it’s not surprising that some days you are much worse at playing than others.

Even "good" players make insane mistakes because of simply low stamina(at that time)/brain juice.

Maybe they feel tired that day(week’s ,month’s) or are feeling off and that’s an easy to cause skill drop cause.

It’s true that top 3-5 players are insanely stable and competent physiologically in sustaining proper functioning for long periods of time in a stable manner but don’t think that everyone is like that.

It’s a big mistake to assume that everyone functions in the same way you do.

It is also extremely self centered and arrogant to think so.

everyone doesn’t have same capacities ,weaknesses or potential.


For those stable ones their gameplay in several matches skill wise is extremely similar they can’t really play much better or much worse than their average skill level although even they can get really weakened significantly from getting sick or in any other way suffer anything that weakens you physically.

These types off people are the best at reaching the top of 0ad.


 number one issue stopping people from improving in 0ad is physiology.


yes it’s fun to think of 0ad strategies and non-simple matters but what really matters for being a good player and nearly practically completely decides your skill is: physiology.


Stamina 45%-self explanatory

multitasking efficiency 22.5%-extremely low cost in stamina to be aware constantly, of many extremely simple variables.


micro22.5%-reflexes in fighting and micromanaging basically anything that requires lots of clicks, timing or reflexes.


then comes probably the (areal)awareness 5%- real time awareness of your future potential and theoretical plans:

strategic building placement, enemy unit(s) theoretical position awareness based on units speed and last seen position, knowing all likely enemy’s future plan(s)(for example if they didn’t scout and they are a competent high rated player you know they won’t risk attacking a point that as far as they are concerned will be highly secure), mineral(s)/woodline(s) position awareness ect. key point awareness.

(areal)awareness5% also includes the skills of "trapping" unit(s) with same speed units or slower, map control, woodline/working men positioning, attack planning, scouting, outposts, targeting enemy awareness(targeting enemy scouts/outposts).


the % of relevant stats for a player might be mildly confusing but I think I wrote it quite clearly and it should be understandable .Of course not all pros are just good at those specific proportions for example Valihrant is highly reduced multitasking(10%+?) but insane micro his endurance is huge but slightly less than feld and borgs I’d guess 5%- less(5% of the borg/feld total stamina) although right now I’m sure his stamina is even larger than those 2s stamina as those 2 don’t play much recently.


He is unmatched in micromanaging things and sustaining this insane micro use with much less stamina cost than anyone else in 0ad.

Although you could argue that maybe he is just incorrectly using his stamina by exhausting himself with extremely costly micro abuse.

In that case maybe his stamina is 50% larger than borg or felds and he’s just not using it wisely but I don’t think that’s the case people usually naturally intuitively lean in the most efficient direction as they progress and improve over time.

You can tell while he plays he occasionally forgets houses ect. and during a game randomly keeps quickly turning to random usually multitasking tasks as if they were an enemy attack.

 An extremely high level multitasking player wouldn’t forget simple variables ever even in the most exhausted state as a high level multitasking player has such low multitasking stamina cost.

An extremely high level multitasking player wouldn’t need to with such high speed/intensity manage his eco or adjust it as it would all come to him naturally. 

You can see in the way he thinks in commentary his style is really not about saving as much energy as possible with minimal micro/improvisation/high intensity and expending stamina in a calculated manner.

Stuff like being aggressive, constant high intensity high harass often with small amount of cav exchanging your stamina for enemy’s stamina with the one with superior micro suffering far less in stamina loss but this has no other ulterior motive like a clear strategic plan towards victory) ect.

The few cav often highly outnumbered by enemy woodline forces stands no chance of directly attacking the enemy or scaring enemy off the woodline making him lose position thru simple proportion of strength its simply human error based play not error of something relating to intelligence but of something simpler, micro.


This isn’t multitasking as the tasks that are often optional but are still preferred.

The tasks are too complex and frequent this is all conscious all on the surface of the mind at once functioning in conscious clarity aka micro.

More like fighting or playing basketball 1 one 1 or a primitive FPS? than lets say umm what preserves alot of capacity for a calculated use? a caveman hunter gatherer? I’m getting off point...

There’s a strategy style of defense : defend ,progress with perfect security and look for an opening,  an advantage to expend your saved capacity through and there’s a strategy style of offence : keep attacking and exhausting the opponent wait for HIM to make a mistake you can take advantage of to secure the victory offensive style.

Of course  most players fall in the middle.


If i get a total of 5$ worth donated here i'll write a 500 words of content relating to something interesting in 0ad in same or superior quality to this essay. For any requests also PM me here on forums.

When you send an amount send a wierdly specific amount > pm me the amount and suggest a topic which i might pick based on donated amount and the subject suggested.

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wasted hours ill pretend i didnt waste by uploading this..waste of time.
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ty for reading @Feldfeld this helps me pretend this wasnt a waste of time.i always do stupid @#&#036;% when sleep deprived for example after i wrote this i went and on no nights sleep while carrying 10kg(measured later) of noteably raw chicken breast,prosciutto,vienna sausages and bunch of other groceries walked around 10-12 km uphill on a mountain with at first it being extremely hot and sunny and after that it being  extremely cold and my throat hurts a bit rn.All this instead of taking the taxi after which i was very tired and went to sleep.I know i took thoes from the supermarket at around 10-11 am but idk when i came back home probably around 3-4am so 4-6 hours total of no refrigeration for thoes produce.i put the chicken breast in the freezer immediately uppon arival i am currently eating a prociutto sandwich with tomato and mayo tastes fine so far.my biggest concern is the chicken breast and sausages possibly being expired costing me around 16$ in damages.I remain hopeful that its fine and that covered sealed enviornment ina  bag all together of 5kg per bag allowed the produce to retain a lower temprature for a larger epriod of time and therefore nothing has spoiled but im still too scared to check the freezer.

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