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=== [TASK] === European Bison - Bison Bonasus

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Yes ! Finally, working.

Thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming. 

The File europeanbison.rar

Ok, next time it's going to be quicker.

Had to tweak the tail to avoid backface culling, and the overall size of the beast was changed to feel more like a true bison. Cleaned the vertex groups and the xml. Everything is fineeeee.

The template is based on the muskox. And added an icon trying to emulate the style of the other ones with the halo. I'll just for the sake of it.

Also here is some eyecandy.



Edit: also the blend file eurpeanBison_shared.rar

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I think they look nice, especially the texture. It's kind of difficult to avoid a boxy look when you're doing something low-poly. Obviously it would be great if the engine supported high poly models without affecting performance in a significant way, but that would require some monumental changes, and you would have to assume that the users have somewhat expensive hardware. I think it's cool that 0 AD can run on rather humble hardware, but the 3d models have to be low poly in order for that to work...

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