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re visiting the subject on WW2 for 0 A.D.


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is anyone planning on working on such a conversion mod?  I know some developer on here is working on stuff to do with guns (like muskets) and if I recall correctly has done some works relating to american civil war buildings and units.  


I have just been playing some hearts of iron IV, some company of heroes 2, and similar... would absolutely adore an age of empires esque ww2 experience having a variety of countries like Germany, america, finland, soviet union, italy, japan, china, etc.    besides this, I would really care to see any kind of progress in which that pertains to colonial times all the way to vietnam in technology, guns, and what not.   

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28 minutes ago, LordGood said:

that black powder demo is super hacky, so much so i think building an entire mod on it is just asking for trouble. the particle system needs some work first

Is that why you don't want to send me them buildings ? :P You could zip your public mod and let me do the rest :D

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