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From DotA 1 mod of Frozen Throne:

Skeleton King with Ring of Basilius Aura

Skeleton King with Assault Cuirass Aura

Skeleton King with Both Auras Stacked

Skeleton King passively being affected by an Aura

If 0 A.D. implements something like this I know that it will impact the Visual Realism, but I believe that it deserves a level of consideration.

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That's what we always wanted. The problem with that is that you have uneven grounds. Consider the passage between two steep mountains as a worst case.

There is a 32*32 texture repeated over the radius, one can do more with it than just a blank line.

The feature was introduced in D238, somewhere should be some more alternative textures.

I suppose if the visualization is very small in diameter and depending on visualization it wouldnt appear that badly if its a 2d disk, but it wont allow displaying the actual aura range until adding that code as a feature (break down the texture into many smaller textures over the area, just like is done with the ring). I suppose thats not impossible to code and probably not impossible for performance either (not so many auras to be displayed I guess). (For the record, the feature is also used for attack rangeof buildings and heal range. Female inspiration aura too.)


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16 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

I tried to do this, but I had to use the footprint code which had buggy behavior for what I wanted.


So I was forced to take it out. :/ 

Oh, yeah. I remember this one.

Anyway, by elexis' statement, the aura's image size is dependent on its radius size. And I don't know if separating the aura's image from its radius range ring is a clean code to suggest.

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