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[ANSWERED] Path Pointer Misbehavior

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I apologize for not naming that thing correctly. I just forgot what I should call it.

I just selected for Women and start frenzy-clicking all over the place. I guess my click tried to find each Woman's path, and the pointer followed suit.

Here's the video version of it. I had it unlisted, so if you can't view it, please tell me.. (Please teach me how to embed Youtube Videos, I literally forgot how).


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18 hours ago, Feldfeld said:

Hold the right click and drag the pointer

So that's what's happening. I kinda got addicted doing that.

14 hours ago, feneur said:

It should just be enough to include the link and the forum software should take care of it automatically.

I assumed that it did that, but it wasn't working. It seems to be working now, though.

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Going back to the topic, I think that this is a bug.

I checked how Frozen Throne handles this, and it only detects the "MouseDown" input.

Pyrogenesis seems to take both "MouseDown"-->"MouseDragging"-->"MouseUp". Then calculates how each unit will distribute themselves based on the "MouseDragging".

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17 hours ago, elexis said:

he idea of the feature is that you can draw an arbitrarily shaped line and the units will spread evenly from start to finish. It means that it has to know start and end before it can do the computation.

Since it's a feature, then I got no reason to complain.

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I just expected that my right clicks would only show one path (regardless if my units could move there or not).

Your system is just more meticulous in computing each unit's path, and it somewhat threw me off. That's why I assumed it was a bug.

Since it's a feature, then it works fine the way it is. Feldfeld's instructions were enough to show me how it should actually work.

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