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  1. 6 out of my 15 posts were nuked lol. I dont even swear or anything. Some I can understand given that I was counter trolling an actual troll.
  2. It has been like that for a years now. Why is it still not changed?
  3. There is a possibility of 0AD running on those devices. Even if the dev team could undertake such a task (lets be real) rts doesnt belong there. Don't hold back the game for thousands of players on account of a minority. And even libre projects still face the same limitations. You cant use newer standards that are usually much faster. This game still use opengl 2. The current standard is opengl 4. And for the most critical of applications, the newer Vulkan standard seems to be the goto solution. And unless someone can rewrite the entire graphics stack, remove Macs from the list of supported devices.
  4. Doesn't the game need to either remove or fix formations before balancing stuff?
  5. “Each year, over one hundred million tons of Saharan dust gets blown across the Atlantic, some of it reaching as far as the Amazon River Basin. The minerals in the dust replenish nutrients in rainforest soils, which are continually depleted by drenching, tropical rains.” Quoted from NOAA. Anyway, I doubt there will ever come a day when 100% of North Africa is green. I was just highlighting the impact Sahara has on the environment.
  6. A green Sahara would devastate the Atlantic plankton population plus some other places on the east coast of the Americas (less significantly). Including the Amazon I guess. Dust blowing from the Sahara west across the Atlantic plays a crucial role in the modern ecosystem.
  7. OMG! This is almost as bad (but not quite, the other is an instaban) as someone making a different account.
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