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Battles Of Middle Earth Mod

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Well many of you know my brother is currently doing a Tolkien purist mod (well as purist as can be) for AoK called "Battles of Middle Earth".

He's recently finished the Rohirrim Building set and he's halfway through with the Mordor set. He's also finished all 4 interfaces and the startup screen - so check it out!


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New Updates on his mod:


He just finished an Edoras Map, which is quite accurate to the books, complete with correct numbers of barrows in correct places crowned with Simbelmynë [smile.gif] He's got the fords of Snowbourne, several farms, his original Rohan tall grass, and the Golden Hall!

There is a mapshot and several supplementary screenshots to boot.

Also of note are the unit updates in the units section.

He's currently working on a balrog, olog, and wyrm of morgoth [wink.gif]

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Adam: It may be. I have NO idea. I actually checked out his page for a long time ago, but there were almost no info and no updates for a long time. Shadowflares i have no idea, but at least it has been released right? I will offcourse, download both, as soon as i get to reinstall AoK, and the other are released :brow:

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