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Searchable/filterable notes to replays


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I played many games where i did pop records or some other nice actions. Something like 120 pop at 7:30 min.

Afterwards I browsed replays folders and edited replays file content, where I would change my in game name (it can be searched in replays menu) to something thats easy to remember and recognize.

After saving, after I wrote 'ptolemies', I got my pop records showed using that civ with more info instead of player name.


Thats nice workaroundish way to organise replays but its troublesome as you always have to minimize client, find replay file and edit it (thats why I (and not only me I believe) lost many valuable replays, they just sunk in the sea of untitled replays that has no info so theres no way to know which one contains what)

Ii think we would all benefit from adding notes (in replay menu) to replays, so they can be easily searched afterwards with search option, as replays are very big deal in this game

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