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Catapults can't move in standground mode


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Not sure if this is intended, but sometimes (quite often (every game i use catas it will happen once or twice) but not always) catapults with opponents (or buildings, i dont know) in range, while in its default standground mode, will not listen to H( about current action) and to moving.it will just keep on unpacking till it unpacks, and if you try to stop it anyhow it will reset the unpacking timer and again will try to unpack, lol, when you clearly want it to move.

maybe its intended, maybe not, but other units can always move in standground mode.


I assume its acting buggy because it will atk opponents nearby and therefore to do it it needs to unpack first, and it doesnt listen to mouse clicks (on map) when its unpacking/packing,so it will enter in loop of unpacking.


If there was a way to connect H shortkey with shift multi-actioning (or unpack/pack button with shift multiactioning) that could let users decide what they want to do (so you can press pack and then move it somewhere on shift, it will listen to second order (moving) before it starts to atk nearby enemy









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@temple @mimo @bb_ this is frequently reported as a new bug in alpha 23, so I suppose it is related to rP21630rP21784 or rP21786?


  1. Start a singleplayer match with 2 players with siege engine civs (athen, ptol, seleucid, mace...) on a tiny map
  2. Type "gift from the gods" cheat
  3. Build the building to train the siege engine and train a siege engine
  4. Move the siege engine to neutral territory. The siege engine is still unpacked and still in the default standground stance.
  5. Type "gift from the gods" cheat (so that packing isn't instant anymore)
  6. Press Alt+D and switch perspective to player 2
  7. Type "gift from the gods" cheat
  8. Train some attackers, and let them attack the siege engine
  9. Switch perspective back to player 1
  10. Observe that the packed siege engine starts unpacking on it's own as it was attacked by an enemy.
  11. You want the siege engine to retreat intead of continue to unpack and attack. Therefore you click on "cancel unpacking".
  • Expected behavior:
    • Clicking on "Cancel unpack" stops the unpack process and allows the still packed siege engine to process move orders.
  • Current behavior:
    • Clicking on "Cancel unpack" resets the the unpacking progress bar to zero, but the siege engine starts the unpack progress again on its own.
    • The user has to wait to wait one full unpack cycle and then one full pack cycle to move the siege engine that was packed already.

Here my somewhat concise replay:


Reported at #5328

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The problem is that when you click cancel unpack, the siege is in idle  stance, so unitAI sees attackers and will unpack the siege, what the solution is, is that the move command (and some other commands too probably), cancel the unpacking, instead of letting it unpack and pack it again.

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