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Donations via Liberapay


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29 minutes ago, balduin said:

"Liberapay is a recurrent donations platform". They accept donations via Stripe and PayPal.

Some people already donated money to 0 A.D. https://liberapay.com/on/twitter/play0ad

However, 0 A.D. currently does not collect the money donated via Liberapay. Is there a chance that 0 A.D. will make use of Liberapay in the future?


@Itms @feneur @Jeru

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1 hour ago, asterix said:

Please see the discussion here.

TL;DR: We work with a fiscal sponsor called "Software in the Public Interest" (SPI). That makes life easier for us in many ways, because they handle bureaucratic matters for us (e.g., taxes). But we can only accept donations in the ways they specify. And Liberapay is not part of those.

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@Jeru I have seen the discussion. However, the "Software in the Public Interest" (SPI) collects money via PayPal from users or for Europe through the Verein zur Förderung Freier Informationen und Software e.V. (short ffis), which means you are covered in the US and in the EU. Maybe I am missing something, but would it not be enough to simply link the PayPal account from the SPI to Liberapay?

For me it seems like you figured out the legal already through the SPI and ffis. Additionally, it should not matter if you receive many small donations or do you have to list every donor individually?

Furthermore, is it possible to fund individual members of the 0 A.D. team? For example, because the person invests a lot of time into creating content or developing some features I really care about? Or would this violate some 0 A.D. or SPI policies?

Furthermore, in my opinion the Liberapay team could work together with the SPI to make donations via Liberapay possible.


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