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Hello, To track the status of my open topics I will keep all of them here in below list

1-      New voice structure:

-          Structure proposed

-          Persian (new) voice recorded and ready for test

Pending WFG team to decide

Update [20181008]:

Voice list updated based on new structure


Update [20181014]

Itms will try to provide missing voice in new structure :) we need community to help 

[ML20181229] Persian voice based on old structure committed :) thanks to @stanislas69


2-      Persian language translation

-          Translation completed

-          Review completed

Pending GDRP issue, when development start over J DEV team should fix render issue … so I can test Persian translation in DEV version

Pending WFG team for clarification, AFAIK it is in progress but it is not clear when they can bypass this issue

Render issue:

Translation completed topic

3-      Trader: camel

-          Persian trader (camel) , need a cameleer [apparently It was an open topic for long time but not closed yet ]

-          Other civ traders can garrison in RAM , but Persian trader cant …  im not sure what is the conclusion , is it a bug? None of them should garrison in RAM , or all of them should? Or it is not bug and it should be like this …

For me none of them should, because cavalry also cant..

Pending WFG team

Old camel topic:

4-      Gaia AI improvement

Pending WFG team to decide


5 - Unit abilities ( mentioned by others as well [maybe] )

- melee cavalry/elephants : charge ability when they are attacking infantry (auto cast / enable disable) --> for me high priority to add , make game play better

 - ability to build canal / traps to kill enemy infantry or reduce speed of ram... (Enable/disable) ---> For me low priority but nice to have

 - ability to use ladder to attack walls / defense towers to kill garrisoned unit (Enable/disable)--> for me high priority to add , make game play better

 - Ability to build Not-mobile ram to destroy buildings , only deploy near wall or building to use it to destroy it (Enable/disable)  ---> For me low priority but nice to have

 - Ability to use fire (building fire mound) to protect infantry against cavalry/elephant charge (Enable/disable)  ---> For me  low priority but nice to have

 - for archers , ability to use fire arrow (when its active reduce attack rate / increase damage to mechanical units , ram , catapult , chips , wooden buildings ...) (Enable/disable)  --> for me high priority to add , make game play better

Just some ideas im not sure what is the next step , anyone know>? WFG team should make decision? 



6 Hunt & Gather food voice mechanic

i proposed specific scenario for Hunt & gather food voice 

Im not sure if WFG team is going to consider it or not :)

7 - Wild animal & trees & berry & fruits reproduction (raised by community as well)


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6 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

You record additional?

for Persian i did, based on new structure. but to use them first we need to implement new voice structure of game (require development i think). current voice structure is not complete and has issue

check this one that i prepared:




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