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Tips: Make your citizens consume food...

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I am asking a question on here so I also need to provide a tip or two, for what they are worth... Experienced modders are no doubt already aware of this but for the people new to coding:

I am always aggrieved by units that cost food to "create", but then do not consume food whilst they are "alive". So, how to make your units consume food:

(1) Change the simulation/components/ResourceTrickle.js

Add a new schema element that provides "Negative Trickle" amounts...

ResourceTrickle.prototype.Schema =
        "<a:help>Controls the resource trickle ability of the unit.</a:help>" +
        "<element name='Rates' a:help='Positive Trickle Rates'>" +
                Resources.BuildSchema("nonNegativeDecimal") +
        "</element>" +
        "<element name='NegativeRates' a:help='Negative Trickle Rates'>" +
                Resources.BuildSchema("nonNegativeDecimal") +
        "</element>" +

        "<element name='Interval' a:help='Number of miliseconds must pass for the player to gain the next trickle.'>" +
                "<ref name='nonNegativeDecimal'/>" +

(2) Update the function to take account of the "Negative Trickle":

ResourceTrickle.prototype.ComputeRates = function()
        this.rates = {};
        for (let resource in this.template.Rates)
                this.rates[resource] = ApplyValueModificationsToEntity("ResourceTrickle/Rates/"+resource, +this.template.Rates[resource], this.entity);

        for (let resource in this.template.NegativeRates)
                this.rates[resource] = ApplyValueModificationsToEntity("ResourceTrickle/NegativeRates/"+resource, -this.template.NegativeRates[resource], this.entity);


(3) Change the simulation/templates/template_unit.xml

Add the newly defined element to the Xml as appropriate. The unit is the default for "everyone" and so covers the whole population that needs to feed:



(4) Start feeding your population before you run out of food...

Hope it's useful to somebody...

*NOTE: Obviously, the templates for template_structure.xml  must also be updated to included the new element (e.g. <NegativeRates/>). Under most circumstances you do not want it but I use it for my blacksmith so that he burns wood to keep the forge hot, etc. You can use it for anything that consume resources by default.


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26 minutes ago, dmzerocold said:

And what if food amount reach 0 ?

I forgot to mention this earlier, but you need a check in ResourceTrickle.js before trickling if you don't want negative resource amounts.

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Probably not, this discussion came up before and many casual rts gamers felt it would add too much micro and such. But I am working on a delenda est/balance-mod/age-of-0ad mega fork that will focus on the tastes of more hardcore rts gamers with supply lines, more combat support units such as engineers, etc

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