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  1. @Duplicarius - I would say "way too complex", although I admit it adds the performance overhead of the 2nd iteration through the extra element ;-) Thanks for pointing out the other example.
  2. I am asking a question on here so I also need to provide a tip or two, for what they are worth... Experienced modders are no doubt already aware of this but for the people new to coding: I am always aggrieved by units that cost food to "create", but then do not consume food whilst they are "alive". So, how to make your units consume food: (1) Change the simulation/components/ResourceTrickle.js Add a new schema element that provides "Negative Trickle" amounts... ResourceTrickle.prototype.Schema = "<a:help>Controls the resource trickle ability of the unit.</a
  3. I am trying to create extended supply chains to replicate some of my favourite features of other games. As an example, I build a very simple drop site that is effectively just a pile of a specific material (metal, wood, stone) on the ground near to the collection area (trees, rocks, etc). I use the graphics from the "treasures" to represent these such as a pile of stones or wood. I then intend to have a "carter" who can pick up from that drop site and deliver it more efficiently to a storehouse over a longer distance. I have defined new material subtypes in the resource *.json files which refl
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