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 Hi. I am a spaniard student of image and sound i haven´t worked jet with projects like this, for practice i spend my free time to the production music, and one of my wishes is to listen one of my songs in a game. I followed the development for time ago by gameplays.

I attach you the teaser of my song "Hispania", the song was produce specifically for the faction of iberians. The song is under development and will take a while to finish the project. If you agree the ok i will continued the project the very fast as possible, ad the end i will send you the song .WAV format.

I hope you like it. Thanks you so much.


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20 hours ago, stanislas69 said:

Hello and welcome to the forums. Thanks you for the interest of making new tracks. I'm not sure the style fits but I might be wrong.  It nice though :)

@Samulis and @OmriLahav might give you more feedback:)


Keep it up :)

Ok, I will wait for a response of them and if they're agree with your opinion I can try to adapt the song to your style.

Thanks for your quickly response.

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@24 Beats, thank you for making a sample for 0 A.D.!

As a rule, our soundtrack uses absolutely no electronic sounds. We strive to use authentic, organic sounding instruments, so the style of this track doesn't really fit into the soundtrack.
If you can adapt it to fit with the rest of the soundtrack, that'd be great. Please take a listen on our official bandcamp, and be in touch with me if you have any questions.

Also, please read the Music Contribution Guidelines post!

Thanks again,

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You know, dude, many people wouldn't mind listening to their tracks in the game. Well, or to be invited to record a single for a TV series or a movie. It is a great advertisement for your creativity! And it is unlikely that you will find a dude on the forum who will help you implement such an idea. In general, if you plan to continue making music, you need to do marketing. Because for a musician, high-quality music promotion is the most important part of his work. Without promotion and advertising, you have almost no chance of gaining popularity and recording a track for a cool game.

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