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DoctorOrgans left 1v1 rated game.


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hi, today DoctorOrgans lost rated 1v1 to me (as usual) and lost some points. he wanted rehost and i agreed.

i did host for him and when game started he was like "i dont like jungle" and left a RATED 1V1.

i know its stupid, and i would never think to post such a stupid thing and i dont even want any points cuz i dont deserve any.. BUT and its big but, when doctororgans did upload a video he was loosing to me and i left it because he wanted to take me into a 2 hours game on normal size map for 1v1 which is unacceptable for me. u guys forced me to give him points back. u said "u cant leave 1v1 rated if he did nothing illegal", "when u pressed ready u accepted the conditaions". so.. doctororgans agreed to the conditions, i think his points should be reduced or be donated to underrated players like Faction02 / phillipswaggers. if u ask me he deserve a rate of 13xx.

witness : chrstgtr , causative.

PS: i also have photo i took with my phone of chat if he deny that he quited a rated game.

have a nice day, Wendy.


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