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Possible factions: welsh, scots (or picts), and irish


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Are these nations already planned? I think it could be awesome to have the whole british/irish civs in the mod...

Some features: Let's start with...


Emblem: dragon of Wales : Y Ddraig Goch: 

Flag of Wales 2.svg

Maybe there were other symbols used at the time of the game, I will have a deeper look into heraldry history :)

Possible heroes: - Rhodri the Great (c.820-878) king of Gwynedd, contemporary to Alfred the Great,

                              - Gruffudd ap Cynan, king of all Wales, unified the welsh resistance to the Norman rule

Traditional unit: Longbowman, pride of welsh medieval armies, long distance archer also called Saethwyr:


Other units: http://m2tw.warlore.org/units/Meirionnydd_Spearmen_?campaign=britannia






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Starting points for information about Scotland are:

Archeological information suggests that there were Gaelic speakers in the west of Scotland dating from before the Dalriada though. It makes sense, because you can see Ireland from Scotland, and travel by boat was easier than travel by land.

For Scotland, it might make sense to have 5 factions:

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