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I cant join my friends host and he cant join mine

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im trying to play with a friend but he cant join my host and i cant join his host, other people can join our hosts, were using STUN and we are in diferent homes with diferents ips

when im trying to join its says conecting...... and then it says that the host dont open the ports,

idk why this happen pls help

idk if i post this in the right section 

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1 hour ago, stanislas69 said:

Make sure you don't have any local firewalls enabled. 

Or exception rules in place for pyrogenesis.exe which if what 0AD's executable is formally called the firewall you use should give you a pop up when it attempts to connect though you will no see it if you are full screen mode.

Enjoy the Choice :)

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I am having the same problem. Our thing might be because we are in the same room and sharing the same wifi. Its an apartment and so maybe we cant check the fire walls the the building has in place but I just feel like there must still be a way for us to play each other. We have been joining other ppl games and then asking to be on the same team and that works just fine. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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