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Replays requested by elexis


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Elexis asked me for replays of Danubius, Extinct volcano and Survival of the fittest.

Danubius: mapkoc vs cenghizkhan (unrated)

The small map is uncomfortable because the gaia cc is very close. I was trying to block the cc with houses to defend from rams. I think it should be played with low pop to make it harder, 150 was too much. Civs with swordmen have an advantage to kill rams, else go to p2 fast. Covering the whole shore with docks might stop gaia from unloading.



Extinct volcano: bbleft, soyunmatao, phoenixdesk, temple, Barxten (ffa)

At minute 20 something water level rises, the biggest armada will win (garrisoned with 10 soldiers).



Survival of the fittest: bbleft, mapkoc, DsharkS4

The dynamic changed from a21. Having skirms is important to kill eles but you need fewer. Skirm cav prefered. Having swords (or eles) to kill rams became way more important. Hero can't garrison temple, make priest(s). Capturing bolts good, catas meh.

This map should be played in 2x, show clock F12, >= large map for more treasures, revealed map optional, low pop not so important now, regicide optional. The first waves are WAY too easy, which is not so good.



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8 hours ago, mapkoc said:

Danubius: I think it should be played with low pop to make it harder, 150 was too much

Survival: The first waves are WAY too easy, which is not so good.

For both maps we have to keep in mind that both bots (for singleplayer folks) and new players should be able to enjoy the map, even if they ought to be wiped out by gaia after like 20 minutes. This way they are motivated to improve when they see that others survive longer.

For danubius the idea is that players should eventually be able to overcome the gaia attacks, which is the reason why there are at most 1.5 ships per player with at most 30 units on board unloading at most all 8 minutes with at most 2 rams currently. (I wonder if it's too discouraging to attack though since all gaia 1.5 * players gaia ships attack the one player that tries to cross the river. So players are forced to spam many empty ships).

Survival of the fittest: This map should be played in 2x

We had that problem in the previous alphas too and I didn't figure a solution for that. Enemies 2x as often and spawning treasures 2x as often? Not sure if that might work as we can't speed up the construction & building repair rate, unit spawn times etc.

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Oh the generation of eles in wild lake is a bug?! Maybe the colors of the sheeps (if I'm not mistaken silhouette) too?

The map is very nice too for SP except there's so much empty space around the base. If some few scattered trees can be generated/seeded or allow a tree planting meta would nice. 

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