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Car pool technology for my country - organisation FTW!

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It turns out that the car pool web site for New Zealand is down, they are making a new one. Actually, they are making a whole application with new features. I asked what company had the contract and it's a Canadian company called Ride Shark (see links at the bottom). They specialise in developing car pool software. If you look at the video/animation on the front page you'll see a scene of a convertible driving on an open road. If you look closely at the curvy mirrors and the shield between the headrests you can tell that it's a Mazda Miata 'nc' (2006-2013 model). I thought that was pretty cool because I couldn't think of a more environmentally conscious car, well, unless you include electric or hybrid cars. When I think of the Miata I never imagine bitter old men shaking their fists at other drivers LOL, it's the perfect car for a web site which is all about happy, low-stress commutes. Last year I took a few photos of the new Miata/MX5 (front photo - rear photo). But even if you can buy your dream car (or second-best dream car) it's hardly worth driving where I live. Buses have horrible delays in my city but that's only because too many people drive, falsely thinking that it'll be quicker. I like to drive between 7pm and 7am but it's almost pointless because I don't mind walking 3km in the rain to get to my course. I've got a "dry bag" to protect my laptop, it's camping gear but you can fit a laptop. Also for buying groceries I can buy them online and have them delivered for about $15, I haven't tried it yet. Everywhere is narrow in my city, all the side streets are basically one way because there are cars parked on either side.

There's cheaper and smarter ways of doing things - programmers and engineers of every kind know that. One good step is to have car pool systems so we can reduce traffic by eliminating redundant trips. We're approaching the rainy season here in Christchurch so I've already called the council and requested bus shelters where I depart from. Every little bit counts. Try explaining that to the "average" person they will never understand. They're too busy getting ripped off and exploited. They think it's easier to "stay put" :o

In New Zealand there's a big "crisis" at the moment, heaps of people in their 20s and 30s complain that they can't afford to buy even the most basic house. Why compete? I want to move out of New Zealand all-together! I'll go where the work takes me. No-one is being forced to live here :rolleyes:



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I'm a programming student and I really like what technology can do to make lives easier. I'm 5 weeks into the course but it's fun to drool over the possibilities. I'm not doing any maths or geographical things on my course so it isn't likely I'd do any transport work, but it's really cool to see what can be done with maps and location services. Most people discovered this stuff years ago but I only got a smartphone last December. My phone is nearly 1/4 the cost of an entry-level iPhone but I can do everything I need when it comes to buses/navigation. I'm curious to know if anyone here has used car pool applications, particularly by Ride Shark. If not, who cares :) I'm up for a game of 0 AD if anyone is online. I've got next week off so I'll be gaming in between studying.

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