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I'm trying to solve the issue mentioned there about the difficulty for gameplay mods to keep track of the modifications from the original game.

There is a ticket about it #4076 for which I've tried to think about a solution in pyrogenesis but in vain (see the ticket to read why). So my solution was to create an external tool to maintain this kind of mods during the development of the main game.

And here it is http://creativekara.fr/doku.php?id=0adta:start

Still a WIP it only allows to edit an existing value for now. I'll add more operations and probably make it more flexible with time. I'll use it for Sibyllae Vox, if you encounter some issues feel free to say them here.

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I'll check it out, my available time is somewhat random these times. From the first reading it seems to work for the sanity-friendly cases.

I may still keep Template Alterator, I'm planning it to be multifile so I can group changes by topic instead of by entity and find/edit them all in one place (like one file for armor and damage, one for buildings, one for resources…).

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There's no GUI except your text editor, what a lose of time for data editing :)

I've updated the project with the basics, set can now add tags, remove is there, alter can be called multiple times on the same file to group editions by topics and the project can be split in multiple files.

Now Template Alterator can have a different purpose than the template extension from sanderd (with subtile differences between overriding and extending), enjoy the choice as someone would say.

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