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Specific unit tactics?

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Hi, I have played this game for a while and have good economy tactics, however the use of different troops and their deployment on the battle field is still a little obscure to me. Does it matter if you have your horsemen at the front, side etc or where your infantry go in relation to the archers? Do the types of troops fighting each other matter and if so how do I control them properly, can I select a group of them and band it together? Ie 30 infantry in a formation etc

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Also it seems whenever I go into battle it kinda turns into a mess of troops fighting with no way to command after that. Retreating results in lost troops (for obvious reasons) so how can I control a battle once its started?

I think the formations will fix this when pathfinder and formations concept will be reworked. There are lot of changes for A18 , so the answer will be asked after you test it. For A17 the ranged units are very superior in mass than melee units, especially archers.

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Hey Giotto,

Formations are not available in Alpha 17 but here is a few tips to increase your chance of winning a battle.

1. use group (CTRL+1 for example) usually I make 4 groups:

- 1 is my main army (infantry melee and range)
- 2 is my melee infantry only

- 3 is my range infantry only

- 4 is my cavalry

2. don't put your cavalry in the middle of the battle, try to flank your enemy to reach his range infantry or use them to harass his base during the battle.

3. try to get your infantry melee on the front and your range infantry on the back but not too far (you don't want to get flanked by enemy cavalry)

3. Before the battle, position your army and then click on "H". They will stop moving and start attacking the closest unit. It is very useful especially for your range infantry (you don't want to click on one enemy unit with 100 archers, because that mean that 100 arrows are gonna go on the same enemy unit and this is a waste of fire power, if you click on H, the arrows will spread out on many enemies)

4. use another group for your barrack and try to remake units when fighting.

I'll make a video soon about this actually, give me a few days ^^

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