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Tower of winds

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I started modeling this, so, here is a WIP.

I might have to redo some fo the parts to get the polycount down, but I'm going to make it as I first intended, and I'll see how much detail I have to cut back. Right now, I'd estimate that it end up being around 2700 triangles + statue on top, so it's a bit heavy.


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I figured i ought to try and finish this up, but man, the statue is tedious. I only have such low res references.. and the references are only drawings from the front.

I can't tell what he's holding. I thought it was a staff first, but when i look at all 3 images, it seems more like.. a mace,? Anyone know what it should be.

Also, the tails.. oh man.. those suck to model. I can't tell how they are supposed to go, where they split exactly and so on.

Edit: forgot the image:


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