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Market and Merchants


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I would know more about how to use it. My problem is about when it begins to have a good cost/benefit. For exemple, I tested now and for make 5 merchants cost 500F and 400 Iron. For each travel I gain 60 Iron (I put all trade in Iron). Others problem is how many merchants I has made for a good productions. If anyone could help me. Thanks.

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Would have to cost a lot more than just 1000 food, for something so benificiery.

Maybe: Trade agreement (sounds better)

Cost: 3000 metals, 4000 wood, 1000 stone, 4000 food

75% Bonus income from merchants, 125% bonus trade income from merchantmen,

-25% Harvest rate

Cost is basically, a "don't research me too late, buddy, or face the consequences"
mind you, just a -25% harvest rate wouldn't deter me, if i got just 25% trade income boost, i use trade, ALOT. (almost always, in fact)

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