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[FIXED] Wrong Units bug


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I have one weird bug about Seleucid Faction but I think can happen with any other faction.

I play Against Seleucid but their Units are from Athenian Faction (Hoplites)



I was Fighting with Antiochus

I have a Warning before Loading this RAndom Map. I think this was the problem.

WARNING: Function getWallAlignment: Unknown style: sele (falling back to "athen")
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I don't think that warning is actually the problem. In the Fortress Random Map there is a script that places the walls and buildings inside. It can't find Seleucid walls are not defined in the file (apparently) and so it falls back to the Athens wall. You won't however notice the difference since they use the same wall buildings.

Unit placement is however completely different. The only thing I can imagine that wall placement affects the unit placement is that the former somehow changes a variable that is being used by the latter. (But seeing that the entities are placed before the wall renders that imagination impossible I think)

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