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Black streak ringing the maps...


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Is it possible to get rid of the black area encircling the map? I have the sky on but below the sky there is a solid black area ringing the perimeter of the map. If this was gone, the maps (and screenshots) would look so much more realistic. It would be so nice to have a black-streak-free horizon! :yes3:


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What would you suggest replacing it with? There will always be an artificial point at which the "land meets the sky" or the game world ends, and having a visible sky complicates this (besides not really enhancing gameplay or visual quality). There's a reason it's hidden by default.

In some 3D environments, I've seen them reflect the terrain, trees, etc. out to infinity with filters in place. That's probably a better solution for a first-person view, not a top-down RTS like 0 A.D. The issue is the diversity of maps we have and the possible camera angles, so no one solution seems like it would work.

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