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Ideas: Worker management tooltips

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If you hover over resource icons on top left of the screen in-game you will get tooltip that describe the icons (wood/food/metal or population). While this could be useful for total beginners, I think this kind of tooltip only used once and then I'm sure most players would never needed it again. Besides, every other tooltips in the game never use the resource names, but instead only its icons.

I propose to put worker information on those tooltips. So instead of just 'Wood' it would be '5 citizens are gathering woods.' This will be very helpful so we could allocate them more efficiently based on this information. On more advanced example,

if it's possible why not make a list?

5 citizens are gathering woods

  • 3 Macedonian women
  • 1 Agrianian peltast
  • 1 Rhodian slinger

The same thing could be applied to Population icon too. This will be useful especially when the game have limited population caps.

What do you think?

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Maybe also being able to cycle between all the different unit types? (I.e you click on the button, it selects all females, then all rhodian slingers - working on that resource)

That way if you want a 100% female food production service you can always just look north and take them all off. :3

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