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(Egyptians)==TASK== Hero: Pharao (New Kingdom Era)


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I'm at it.

A question arose:

Not all people might agree that there are only animals, plants and mushroom on this planet.

Proposal 1:

Note: here it is a bit strange that human/ is separated from fauna/ and human/ even is split into heads/ & bodies/ .

- fauna

- flora

- lakes

- rivers

- structures (including buildings, mechanical structures, ...)

- helmets

- weapons

- shields

- particles

- heads

- bodies (alternatively: - egyptians, - hittite, - assyrians, .. directly as subfolders in the highest level).

- ...

Proposals 2 + 3:

Proposal 2:

[identical to Proposal 1 besides:]

- helmets/ ...

- egyptian/

- hittite/

- assyrian/

- ...

Note: Here it's misleading that egyptian helmets had to go into helmets/ instead of into egyptian/helmet_pharao_crown.xml or similar. That is because in a proper solution human_egyptian/ had to be used instead of egyptian/.

Proposal 3:

- gaia or natural

-- egyptian[_unittype]_name.ending

-- assyrian[_unittype]_name.ending

-- fauna_wolf

-- lake_without_ground.ending

-- flora_tree_widow.xml

-- flora_category_name.ending

- structural/ or mechanical/ or artificial/

-- helmet_category_name.ending

-- house_home_of_heroes.xml

-- roof_wooden_water_seal.xml

-- ..

Proposal 4: (by civilization)

- egyptian/

-- head_pharao.ending (alternatively: head_hero_pharao if a category is desired)

-- body_pharao.ending (here the body_ can be omitted) (alternatively hero_pharao)

-- spearman_specificname.end

-- shield_round.ending

-- helmet_noble_knightscape.xml|dae|png|...

-- horse_noble_egyptian_horse_race.end

-- beagle_marant.end

-- ...

- hittite/

-- head_

-- swordsman_speicific_name.end

-- ...

- assyrian/

-- ...

- ...

I would advice against a vehicles/ subfolder because this rather is a property (even you can be a vehicle, e.g. for ants) than a definite and clear category.

"ending" can be one of xml, dae, png, ... depending on what (enginerelated) type the file is. e.g. a unit texture goes into art/textures/skins/egyptian/body_pharao.png .

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hm.. doesn't this indicate once again that the current filestructure is a bit overcomplicated and misleading.

Because a lake prop is in


called lake.xml. :)

Where you expected it to be of course. ;)

Can we have gaia/fauna,flora ?

I always thought in 0AD gaia is the name for natura (nature).

btw. sorry for my absence, had been alone with all those animals with grandma only and it was pretty funny with plenty of accidents of course. ;) Now I'm trying to catch up with the storehouse.

So you vote for Proposal 1 ?

Proposal 4 + 1 are my favourites. Both have only a depth of 1.

Filestructure 4 is good for keeping civilizations' files separated, thus making separating easy. But Proposal 1 is what I like most.

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(And Proposal 1 is what 0AD already uses, inconsistent but it's partly used.)

Of course for art/animations/ biped + skeletal subfolders et alia might be useful. Though I think this is the exception. All other main folders (art/meshes/, art/textures/skins/, simulation/templates/, ...) should use the Proposed Filestructure consistently.

Not all people might agree that there are only animals, plants and mushroom on this planet.

Did I really say that? Probably I ate too many of those later two things I listed.

Of course there are many other things like rocks on this planet. I hope you got that I meant living beings on this planet. pepe2.gif :/

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