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adding new resources (ie water, and Cloth)


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LOL then you must be a noob..... The current most popular RTS game is StarCraft 2 and only has 2 resources...... Adding additional resources from the current 4 will reduce the popularity of the game.

Yeah sure.

Please stop this discussion.. create you own thread if you want to discuss about resources.

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In map without water, you will give the player the possibility to build well? Depending on where you build the well it can give more or less water.. I.e: On top on mountain it give less water. Near from another well, it give less water or you simply can't build it. Also, you can give different bonus depending on the unit.. I.e : Male can be better with well and female can be better with river. It's only idea, you do what you want! ;)

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There is a moment that I'm not back here ... so to begin congratulations on your progress (y)

... to me all those resourcs made it appear realistic and it was so fascinating.

This is exactly what has made the popularity of strongholds (personally I like Crusader), without being as complex as "Cossacks" or "American Conquest" (for example) that can be discouraging for beginners (those knew that the Age of Empire, in my opinion too "simplistic"and therefore repetitive).

Since there is a mod, I hope MuteLovestone go as far as he can :notworthy:

Anyway, topic very encouraging, so good luck to all.

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