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Useful info for the modders


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I have been researching and exploring the files of the game.

I will post here all the useful info, tips or tutorials that the rest of the modding team may find useful.

The first and most important thing to do is to download the SVN version of the game.

There will be a folder called medieval inside the folder mods. That is the main folder of the mod that we will be modifying.

I reccommend you to explore the files and modify the javascript files but do it in another folder called "test" and keep the "medieval" clean and only with the shared stuff.

To play the game with the mod active you will have to open it with the windows execute command using the taping the following after the for 0 AD path: -mod=medieval

This is the design document of the game, it contains many useful information for designers, it is recommended for everyone (specially designers) to read it.

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You need the SVN version to have the engine, but your mod won't be there.

The best thing to do is to set up your own repo for a mod (if it's open source, lots of places give free repos, like GitHub). When you have your own repo, you need to check out the game where you want, and you need to check out the repo so the path is recognised by the game (depends on your OS, see here for the paths). So for Windows, you can have the C:\Users\JohnDoe\Documents\My Games\0ad\mods\medieval directory.

And you don't need the pmd converter. Most apps can read collada, but they can't read the old PMD format, and now everything is in collada anyway.

Success with the mod.

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I know about the SVN but still Idawin said it was better to have the SVN to keep checking the game. So, still, download the SVN.

I didn't know about the collada thing tho, it is a good then that everything is in dae now, i didnt know that, i will delete that part. It would have been anoying to have to be converting everything from PMD to COLLADA.

Thanks for the info.

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